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We started web design work at a time when there was no internet and computers in the distance. In that era, we explained the importance of website to the people and made them hi-tech by giving them service, that was the era of 1994. This is the reason that whenever the name of building a website comes up, Rich Web Technology is remembered.

We struggled a lot in 1994, we could only convince a few people. In 2006-2007, we started getting good quality work that too at a good price. In 2006 we renamed our company "Rich Web Technology".

I walked alone till 2010 then worked as a full team. Those who joined our team for the first time worked with us for 4-5 years. I am very happy that today these our team members are running their own company or some are working on a good post in a big company. Be it the old team or today's team, my best wishes are always with them.

Today in the era of 2022, we have very experienced Professor Technical and Management team working, we do any website and software and application related work in a jiffy, we and our team are very capable and honest working Even today the cost of our website designing and development is said to be very reasonable and commendable. Our oldest customers are still connected with us and get all their technology related work done by us. Apart from this, there is always a connection of new customers day by day. By joining us, you can speed up your business by getting information technology and digital marketing related work done with us, we will be very happy.

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Rich Web Technology, We use latest technique when it comes to complete our designing and development task.Rich Weh Technology have very halthy environment ensure that with the use of all these technological advancements. Rich Web Technology is 100% able to provide our clients with the best amazing service.

Our Network

Rich Web Technology has ground level physically, technically and robotic networks in all over the India who are applicable to serve their quality service to our clients across the India.

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